Reward for fasts on 27th Rajab | Wisdom of Shab e Meraj

27th Rajab

ﺷﺐ ﻣﻌﺮﺍﺝ ﮐﯽ ﺣﻘﯿﻘﺖ جاننے کے لیے لنک پرکلک کریں

A reward for fasts on 27th Rajab

Dear Islamic brothers! The fast of the 27th of Rajab is of great excellence. The fortunate person, who observes fast on the 27th of Rajab, earns the reward of the fasts of 60 months.’ (Return of the Shroud, pp. 8).

Great excellence of the fast of the 27th of Rajab has been mentioned. Sayyiduna Salman Farsi has narrated that the Noble Prophet said, ‘There is a day and a night in the month of Rajab that if a person fasts during that day and stands (for worship) during that night. It is as if he has fasted for one hundred years and worshipped at night for one hundred years; and that is the 27th of Rajab.’ (Shu’ab-ul-Iman, vol. 3, pp. 374, Hadees 3811)

The Prophet of creation, the Peace of our heart and mind, the most Generous and Kind (PBUH) has said, ‘After Ramadan, the best fasts for honoring Ramadan are the fasts of Shaban.’ (Shu’ab-ul-Iman, vol. 3, pp. 377, Hadees 3819)

Sayyidatuna ‘Aaishah Siddiqah has narrated, ‘The Beloved and Blessed Prophet (PBUH) would keep fasts throughout Shaban.’ She said: I humbly said, ‘Ya Rasoolallah (PBUH)! Do you like fasting in Sha’ban the most?’ He (PBUH) replied, ‘Allah records the name of every person who will die this year and I like to be in the state of fasting at the time of my demise.’ (Musnad Abi Ya’la, vol. 4, pp. 277, Hadees 4890)

How glorious you are!

Dear Islamic brothers! 27th night of Rajab-ul-Murajab, Allah blessed the Beloved and Blessed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with His own Blessed Sight. This was the wish that remained in the heart of Sayyiduna Musa Kaleemullah until it became his appeal and he humbly submitted it to Allah by stating: ‘رَبِّ اَرِنِيۡ’, O my Lord, let me see You! Allah said: ‘لَنۡ تَرٰنِيۡ’ you will definitely not be able to see Me. But when it came to the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah Himself sent Sayyiduna Jibra`eel to call His Beloved Muhammad (PBUH) and blessed him with His Own Sight.

Allah is All-Powerful!

Dear Islamic brothers! Allah started tonight’s great incident with the word ‘سُبۡحٰن’ (in the Holy Quran), meaning the sanctity of Allah and His state of being absolutely free from every fault and defect. The idea behind this was to also answer any objections that the unbelievers could raise on the authenticity of the physical Mi’raaj. For example, the visit of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his blessed body to Bayt-ul-Muqaddas or towards the skies with his blessed physical body and from there to the destination of ‘ثُمَّ دَنٰي فَتَدَلّٰي’ (Allah’s closeness) and then the return in an extremely short period of time were impossible for unbelievers to understand. By stating the word ‘سُبۡحٰن’ Allah has revealed that if all these acts were impossible for Me, then this would be My inability and weakness, and weakness is a defect, and I am absolutely free from every defect. (Maqalat-e-Kazimi, part 1, pp. 123).

Dear Islamic brothers! Raising an objection to this glorious miracle of the Beloved Prophet (PBUH) is not something new, but many unwise people who are unaware of its reality, have been refusing to accept this great miracle even from the blessed era of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is sufficient for a Muslim to keep in mind the power of Allah instead of trying to prove this incident through their wisdom because Allah is All-Powerful.

In order to further understand this, keep in mind the miracle of Sayyiduna Asif Bin Barkhiya a follower of Sayyiduna Sulayman that from Yemen to Syria, he took a throne that was 80 yards (128.72 km’s) long and 40 yards (64.36 km’s) wide which decorated with diamonds and jewelry, he lifted this throne before the blink of an eye. Allah has stated this incident in verse 40 of Surah An-Naml, part 19.

Dear Islamic brothers! Just ponder that Allah granted a follower of Sayyiduna Sulayman, the power of transferring an extremely heavy throne, which was present hundreds of miles away, by lifting it before the blink of an eye upon, then without doubt, in a small portion of the night by His Power and Omnipotence, Allah is able to grant a journey of Makaan and La-Makaan to His Beloved Prophet (PBUH).

The wisdom of Shab e Meraj

Dear Islamic brothers! There is a famous saying ‘فِعۡلُ الۡحَكِيۡمِ لَا يَخۡلُو عَنِ الۡحِكۡمَةِ’ i.e. the actions of a Wise person is never free of wisdom (i.e. there is always some wisdom behind his action); countless pearls of wisdom are hidden in every action of Allah which are impossible for our intellect to understand. Allah blessed our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) with Mi’raaj, the idea was also to console and comfort the Beloved Prophet (PBUH) , because since that day when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood on the peak of Safa to present the call to invite the Quraysh of Makkah towards the Oneness of Allah, they started bearing malice and hatred against our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . Troubles and hardships then started everywhere and grief started increasing day by day. But at this difficult time, the presence of his uncle, Abu Taalib and Umm-ul-Mu`mineen, Sayyidatuna Khadijah became a means of comfort and support for him.

On the 10th year of the declaration of Prophethood, his uncle (Abu Talib) passed away. He (PBUH) did not recover from this grief that his beloved companion and consoler, Sayyidatuna Khadijah also passed away. Now no one was there to prevent the unbelievers of Makkah from their injustice and cruelty and to condemn them for these acts, the mischief that they caused became unbearable. The Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to blessed Taif in the hope that they would be convinced to accept this invitation, but the cruel treatment which was given to the Prophet of Rahmah (PBUH) in Taif, cannot be fully understood. Under these extreme conditions, when there was disappointment everywhere and apparent support had not been any more, Allah called the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to ‘Aalam-e-Baala on a special journey to observe the clear Signs of His Greatness, so that the apparent oppression could not continue to grieve His Beloved Prophet.

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